Construction Project Manager

All projects we do are entirely focused around our client´s requirements, from concept to project completion, providing always a two-way interaction throughout the whole process

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Construction Management

Construction management services specialise in planning, coordinating and executing projects complying with specific requirements and conditions. They perform some or all of the activities related to project work, from inception to completion. At ROCAMARTI, we always aim to deliver our projects on time and within the budget.

Bespoke New Build Homes

Our Bespoke service offers from a high-quality Contracting Service to a fully comprehensive Design & Build process, depending on the requirements of the client. We can collaborate on projects from concept to completion, either delivering a design a client has had commissioned or starting from the very beginning, developing a design for planning and refining that design with a complete specification and finishes schedule along with our interior design team.

Development Management

ROCAMARTI offers a full development management service to clients who wish to develop property but with the reassurance of a professional and experienced team behind them. We can assist in managing the development from conceptualisation to completion. Our expertise covers the various stages of the planning and design process, the appointment of a professional team, estimating, programme, cost control, marketing, sales and customer care.

Renovations, Extensions and Refurbishments

Whether it is just to redecorate your house or a two-storage extension at ROCAMARTI we can help you to improve your home. We are experts in adding value to your home advising on the latest market trends and most cost-effective materials to use, as well as taking care of the build.

What is Construction Project Management?

In short, construction management is the process of managing construction projects. However, compared to other types of projects, when you talk about managing construction projects, the difference is mainly that construction is task-based. This means that the organization of the project ends with the end of the project construction.

Although project management is usually defined as the use of various tools and methods to manage resources in the project life cycle to control scope, cost, time, quality, etc., when working in the construction industry, you must have a broader perspective. Construction management usually includes more types of restrictions, which are specific to the design and construction of the construction project. Construction project management can also interact with various disciplines in the life cycle of the project, from architecture to engineering to public works to urban planning. According to different construction industries

Construction Sectors

There are many different types of construction projects. There are two sectors of architecture: residential and commercial. Depending on the industry, there can be up to four different types of projects:

-Residential construction and renovation

-Heavy industry construction Business

-System building Construction

– Engineering construction

This means that there are various types of construction projects that require construction management to succeed. From the construction of dams to airport seismic reconstruction projects, from simple houses to large bridges, construction management may be required. Then, the construction project manager manages the start and end of the project construction, usually on site to ensure safe and successful construction.

There are several types of construction projects, and each project has different challenges. However, they all need a project owner, a construction project manager and a general contractor.

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