We have been appointed to carry out a Cost Analysis of the proposed works for a project located in Benidorm, Alicante (Spain).

Benidorm is a town and region in the territory of Alicante on Spain’s Mediterranean coast.

Benidorm has been a travellers objective inside Spain starting around 1925, when its port was expanded and the primary inns were fabricated, however it would not be until the 1950s that it became eminent as a late spring objective for individuals coming from inland Spain, particularly Madrid.

Today it is known for its hotel industry, beaches, and skyscrapers and gets as numerous sightseers from UK, Germany, Belgium and Netherlands as from Spain.

Benidorm offers an endless number of package holidays and has become very popular due to the night-life based around the central concentration of bars and clubs.

The proposal consist of erecting new five external buildings to provide welfare facilities for camping accommodation, constructing new communal external pool area for entertainment, integral refurbishment of existing building and urbanisation of the plot including associated hard and soft landscaping works in the “CAMPING LA MEDIA LEGUA”, BENIDORM (ALICANTE) ”.