Single storey and part single, part two storey rear, fenestration alterations including front door and window alterations, 8no. rooflights and addition of gates to the driveway.

We have been appointed to provide a Cost Analysis for a project located in Newlands Avenue (Radlett) which is considered one of the best roads in the area.


The existing building is a three storey detached single family dwelling with a large rear garden. The building is of mid-centrury construction and has had a number of alterations and extensions added to it over the years including works to the roof and the addition of a contemporary single storey rear extension and veranda.


The existing house is of brick and tile pitched roof construction, with the more recent addition being constructed from metal and glass with an oversailing flat roof to form a covered veranda.




The proposed extensions have been sympathetically designed to better connect the design of the original house and the later additions.

At ground floor, the proposal seeks to enlarge the existing sitting room to better connect this with the garden beyond. Reconfigurations to the entrance and circulation also helps to better connect to the garden and bring natural light into the plan. An extension to the existing gym provides additional space to exercise with large glazed sliding doors opening on to the extended terrace.At first floor, the westerly extension provides enlarged bedroom accommodation. Whilst the inset balcony to the existing eastern roof slope increases daylight to the bedroom and provides views over the garden.




 > Single storey rear extension to west side of the house

 > Double storey rear extension to east side of house

 > Replacement glazing to rear elevation

 > Addition of inset balcony to existing eastern rear roof slope

 > Replacement glazing to front elevation

 > Altered front door configuration

 > Gates to front driveway

> Addition of security lighting to front elevation